Word finder & unscrambler

Unscramble words and letters

The goal of word games like Scrabble, Words With Friends, Wordscraper Text Twist and the like is basically to unscramble letters and find words that be made from the letters. It can be a lot of fun playing with letters, especially when you're engaged in a word game against your friends. With every draw of scrambled letters to use in, say, scrabble, you can create many different words. After you unscramble letters, you come up with many different words to use during the game. Rather than do the task yourself, the word unscrambler is a tool that does the same job but to a much better extent.

This is a word finder that will help you search, unscramble words, solve the game easily, quickly and generate more extensive word lists. Imagine drawing scrambled letters like 'NELITS' and can only think of short words like 'LET' and 'LINE'. Word unscrambler can help you find longer unscrambled words like 'SILENT' and 'LISTEN', which have more points.

You can even unscramble words and find what other words may be formed with the same letters. For example, letters in a word like 'angel' can be rearranged to create the word 'glean'. Word unscrambler is a tool you can use to unscramble letters and generate word lists from those letters. These are called anagrams and are a great way of earning more points during word games.

Some of your friends might think this is a great way to cheat, and perhaps it is because it will definitely give you an edge. Nevertheless, Scrabble & Words with Friends are not only meant for competing against your friends. It is also an important word game to help you learn more words, especially when playing against a kid. Unscrambling letters and coming up with word lists will expand their vocabulary and teach them more words. Besides, imagine the possibilities if everyone participating in the game had the freedom to unscramble letters with the same tool.

Why you need the word unscrambler tool

Perhaps the most important function of word unscrambler is to create greater word lists with more words from the letters you enter into the text field. To achieve this feat, unscramble tool makes use of both the TWL06 and SOWPODS dictionaries. TWL06 is the official English dictionary used for scrabble wors with friends in the US and Canada with 178,691 words while SOWPODS is used in the UK and has 267,751 words.

These dictionaries represent nearly all possible words regardless of the dictionary you use in your games. This means you can come up with a lot more words than you had previously not even thought of. As a word finder, it also means that you get to learn more words and become a better speaker and writer. 

As an added advantage, you will be able to earn a lot more points in your games with the unscrambler tool. Every letter used in word games like scrabble has a different amount of points, plus there are certain squares on which a placed letter earns double and triple the points on the tiles. By unscrambling letters, you can precisely place the highest-rated letter on the most ideal square and beat your friends.