Scrabble Word Finder

Scrabble Introduction

Scrabble is perhaps the most popular word game in the world, so much so that the World Scrabble Championship is held every year with a decent prize fund. Since it was invented in 1938, scrabble has become a common board game in many homes. As far as word games go, none can be as much fun and educational as scrabble, particularly when playing with family.

Nevertheless, it can be very frustrating when you get stuck and cannot come up with a word during a game of scrabble. Among word games, the daily crossword is also similar, whereby you have to use random letters to create a word. In such a situation, scrabble word finder can be your best sidekick. This finder is accessed online and used to generate a word list based on the letters drawn during a game. A word finder program is used to scour a dictionary for word lists that can be made from the letters entered.

Official scrabble rules do not allow players to unscramble words before playing them but only to confirm validity. In this way, the tool is a kind of scrabble cheat, but that doesn't mean it can't be useful. In fact, here is why you will fall in love with scrabble word finder.

Why you need Scrabble word finder

The most common problem you will encounter is trying to come up with a word when you have rarely used letters like X, Q and Z. In truth, there aren't many words in the dictionary that use this letters, so it's understandable why you might get stuck there. Ironically, these are also the letters that could earn the most points to help you beat your opponents. This is when you need a tool like scrabble word finder, which has a complete dictionary.

Have you ever wondered what the best word is in a game of scrabble? That would be 'caziques'. On their own, the letters have a value of 28 points, but with the right placement they can earn you a lot more. This word was once used by Karl Khoshnaw in a 1982 tournament to earn 392 points! Talk about a slam dunk. He placed the letter Q on a double letter score space and the whole word landed on a triple-triple.

Although one may consider using this word finder as a form of cheating, it is also important because you get to discover new words you had never encountered before. Whether you are playing with a kid and trying to get them to learn more words or just for your own sake, there is a lot you can learn. Besides, there's nothing wrong with winning and beating an opponent, especially if you can learn something new in the process.

But you can also use this tool for far more than scrabble because it is very versatile and powerful. Regardless of the word game you are playing, scrabble word finder can help you get a leg up. Other board games that rely on a combination of letters include Words With Friends, Text Twist, Wordscraper and many more. Regardless of what you're playing, this word generator can be incredibly useful. Even the newspaper crossword can be tackled easily with the help of this tool, so there really aren't any limitations.

How to use Scrabble word finder

The scrabble word finder is very easy to access and use. You can visit our website on your computer, tablet and even mobile phone and it remains very responsive on all devices. From there, all you need to do is use the online finder to come up with a good word depending on the tiles drawn. Enter the letters you have on your tiles and let the word unscrambler do its thing.

A search will be done on the scrabble dictionary to identify every potential word to be used. The scrabble dictionary can either be TWL06 or SOWPODS depending on the rules of the game. With this word generator, you can always find new and unique words that will not only help you beat the competition but also teach you a lot more words.

As mentioned before, the finder is versatile enough to work around blank tiles and ensure there is always a word match. Inasmuch as blank tiles don't earn you any points, they give you an opportunity to make truly unique word combinations. Using the '?' sign, you can use the wildcard function to help you get around this situation. A crossword is perhaps the one that could really use this feature, but it goes to show how useful this finder is.